A Tour of the Glif Wallet

A Tour of the Glif Wallet

Are you looking for how to use Glif with MetaMask or Ledger?

The Glif Wallet is an interface for sending Filecoin. This post will go through the different login options, and show you how to navigate the wallet.

Login Options

There are currently 5 ways to use the Glif Wallet:

  1. Ledger Device
  2. MetaMask Filecoin Snap
  3. (Unsafe) Import Seed phrase
  4. (Unsafe) Import Private Key
  5. (Unsafe) Create Seed Phrase (generate brand new wallet)

All of these login options work on Filecoin Mainnet, however, we strongly recommend using a Ledger Device or MetaMask. You can read more about why here.

View your Wallet address

If you'd like to receive Filecoin, you can copy your wallet address in two places:

Just click on the little square icons to copy your address to your machine's clipboard. Anyone can send you Filecoin to that address!

Switch Wallet accounts

A single seed phrase can generate hundreds of individual, separate wallets to receive Filecoin. To switch wallet accounts, you can click the "Switch" button on the Account card pictured above, or by clicking the "Switch Account" tab in the top right navigation.

You'll then be taken to the account selection screen.

Select an account

To switch to a different wallet account, click "Select". The currently selected wallet is labeled with a purple circle.

Click here to read more about legacy accounts.

Send Filecoin

To send Filecoin, click the "Send" button inside the balance card or the "Send FIL" navigation tab (both pictured below).

Two ways to send FIL

Enter a recipient Filecoin address and an amount. You can optionally add base64 encoded params to your message too.

Enter recipient and amount

Next, you should review the transaction fee and the total transaction amount. After that, go ahead and approve the transaction to send Filecoin!

Review and send

That's it for the tour of the Glif Wallet!